Blue Veil

Jarnail Singh

Lyrically realistic and magically effervescent in color and light, Canadian artist Jarnail Singh paints the lives and culture of his native Punjab, India. Smoothly ethereal and poignantly whimsical, these paintings glow with light and vivaciousness. Skillfully crafted and authentically abstract, the works are truthful meditations on the people and places that color the artist’s culture, history and contemporaneous surroundings. Evocative of the masters of Sikh painting and artistry, Singh’s works forge a new path within contemporary art with his exquisite handling of paint and sharply defined, poetical color palette. “Painting for me is a process of infinite happiness and joy,” says Singh. “Many a time people ask me, what do you paint, and I reply, I paint everything, people, portraits, landscapes, anything that touches me, inspires me.” The result is an encyclopedic paean to humanity, infused with the influence of the painter’s origins in South Asia.

An experienced illustrator and designer, Jarnail Singh’s paintings are in many prominent public and private collections worldwide.  He lives and works in British Columbia, Canada.

Jarnail Singh,
# 106,12882,85 Avenue,
Surrey BC V3W OK8 Canada
Tel:604 825 4659 (Cell)
604 595 5885 (Home)
We Give You Something To Treasure!

Email: jarnailarts@hotmail.comjarnailarts@gmail.com

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