Baljit Kaur

Artist Baljit’s Portraits of Indian Ladies Delight and Capture the Imagination

Baljit Kaur is an artist who paints mainly portraits of women in oils on canvas. It is rare for Punjabi women to pursue a career as an artist In fact Baljit Kaur noted that out of 3500 student at her college only about 15 girls chose to study Fine Arts. Art was part of daily life for Baljit Kaur who grew up in a home watching gifted family members drew and paint. Baljit Kaur’s parental Uncle and her brothers who are engineers also enjoy drawing and painting as hobby. Baljit Kaur told me that she loved to draw and paint even as a young child. At secondary school, Baljit Kaur remembers that she was the only girl student in her drawing class while the other girls took the embroidery class. Naturally, Baljit Kaur undertook a four- year program in Fine Arts at Government College for Women (G.C.W.) in Chandigarh, India where she studied drawing and painting, as well as vocal music (classical rag). Shortly after graduating with her Bachelor of Arts degree, Baljit Kaur married Jarnail Singh who is also an artist. “I received most of my encouragement and inspiration for my art from my own family,’’ said Baljit Kaur. Father in law legendary Sikh painter  Kirpal Singh always provided Baljit Kaur with lots of encouragement to continue with her painting, as did her husband Jarnail Singh. Baljit Kaur has been painting for the past 20 years, and has participated in a number of group exhibitions in India, including husband-wife exhibitions. These include exhibitions “From Across the Oceans” at Langley Museum,  Fort Langley , Punjabi Visions, at Reach Gallery and Museum, Abbotsford, From The Land of Five Rivers, Surrey Art Gallery and “Artists’ Choice” at Firehall Centre for Arts  , Delta, British Colombia, Canada.

Golden Evening BK        Sensuality BK 20x24 100_2523       Soul Music BK 30x40 inch.   the Letter       Blue Girl BK       100_4360        Devotional Music BK 24x30          DSC_4435 copy       Valley of the DreamsExpectations (2)      998197_10151470552237132_1845402047_nIMG_9553  IMG_9544

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