Paintings of History of Punjab

My Paintings showing the history of Punjab. Punjab is a state in northern part of India. Prints of all these paintings are available. If you like something and want to buy a print.  Send us an email at Email: jarnailarts@hotmail.comjarnailarts@gmail.com

Surrey Exhibiton

100_1563 - Copy - Copy     100_2643 - Copy - Copy 100_4858 - Copy - Copy    100_4859 - Copy - Copy  Amrit for Sahibzadas canvas transfer available - Copy - Copy Ancient Warrior 24x30 in.oil - Copy - Copy Court of Ranjit Singh - Copy DSC_3987 - Copy Guru Hargobind hunting Lion 3x4 ft - Copy IMG_3194 - Copy Nihang Sikh 24x30 in. oil - Copy      IMG_3254 - CopyKartar Singh Sarabha for Ghadar - Copy      100_4259Khalsa 1699 - Copy       Ranjit Singh on Chair - Copy               Marching Nihangs 24x30 in - Copy  Mukatsar 003 - Copy  Martyrdom procession of Banda Singh - Copy              Ranjit Singh on horse 30x34 in  Singh Sabha Mural OpeningSurrey Art Gallery exhibition 

Jarnail Singh,
# 106,12882,85 Avenue,
Surrey BC V3W OK8 Canada
Tel:604 825 4659 (Cell)
604 595 5885 (Home)
We Give You Something To Treasure!

Email: jarnailarts@hotmail.comjarnailarts@gmail.com

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