Jay Panesar

Jay Panesar

Jay Panesar comes from a family with a rich artistic tradition. He grew up in a home where everything revolved around art. In fact, art has been a way of life for the Panesar family for three generations.  Jay’s grandfather Kirpal Singh told the story of the Sikh people to the world through his paintings of pivotal moments in Sikh history. Also, Jay’s parents Jarnail Singh and Baljit Kaur are well known in the community for their paintings depicting the historical and cultural heritage of Punjab. So, art has always been a great part of Jay’s life from the very beginning.

Born in Chandigarh, Jay came to Canada as a young boy with his parents when the family moved to Canada in 2000. The Panesar family settled in Surrey, British Columbia and opened their studio.

However, it wasn’t until the last and final year of high school in a photography class where Jay discovered that his true passion was photography. What began as a mere hobby has now become a part-time profession. Jay chose photography over other art forms because it allows him to explore and capture the richness and authenticity of life, as it is. Jay is so fascinated by the play of light and shadows on people and everything around him that he enjoys capturing those precious moments with his camera.

People and places also fascinate Jay. He finds extraordinary beauty in the everyday moments of life. In the coming years, he expects to expand his brand NoirImages into a full-time creative activity, specializing in Fashion, Commercial and Wedding Photography.

Photography is Life!

JP_Deja Vu - Copy      100_3895

JP-Nova 1080p

JP-Lightning Lake

artist choice

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